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Fashionably Friday Racing…

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Friday Fair Lady

Racing fashion

Hi Everyone!

This is my Day 2 outfit at the Galway Races. It is a Friday evening meet, and personally my favourite.

If ladies day is too hectic for you, or the crowd is so young you feel old-this is the day for you!

It is also known as Fridays Fair Lady as there is another competition for the stylish ladies run by Athlone town centre.


As I had initially only planned to go racing one day of the week and ended up going two days in a row, this outfit was very much last minute…

I have a major crush on bell sleeves or just detail, especially on the sleeves! So when I seen this dress on sale I was smitten. The sleeves are very voluminous but they make the dress.

I had my white court heels on heading out the door, then I turned on my heel and changed into black court heels when I seen the downpour of rain. It was lashing!

The rain was so bad I thought although white shoes looked better, they would not stay white in that weather, so I grabbed my huge red umbrella and put on a brave face…

style in champagne tent

My Red pearl disc hat is another Jennifer Wrynne design, an Irish milliner who is extremely talented and very stylish herself- so check her out! I have been wearing her hats for years, her pieces are so elegant.

I wore this hat last year also, you can see it on my instagram here. My username is seasonsinheels.

The red clutch bag was picked up in a mad dash around town two days previous, and was a bargain at 12.50! (euro)

The horse shoe necklace is a piece I wear every year, even if you cannot see it, in the hope it brings me luck!

galway races


As luck would have it, as we arrived at the Racecourse the rain stopped. As it had rained ALL day before that, I brought the umbrella just in case…

I was very glad of the long sleeves as it was quite cold, and I often held onto my hat with the breeze but there is plenty of shelter and I spent time in the champagne tent for the fair lady competition, to see who won!

The style was just as good as ladies day. I cannot go racing without a few little bets, but no winners for me…

I included a picture below of the winner (centre) of My Fair Lady.



I also have to mention that Race week in Galway is not complete without the after party in the Radisson Blu Hotel.

If you follow me on instagram you will know its my favourite night of the year, (I shared a few phone photos on my instagram). Below is just a sample of the Radisson nightlife. The atmosphere is amazing, the crowd is glamorous and the Hotel is taken over with laughter, music, banter and dancing.

I always meet old and new friends here. It has become tradition and I would hate to miss it…

I am already looking forward to next year…

The nightlife

Hope you enjoyed my Outfit post, My previous racing style can be found here.

Outfit details:

Dress: Forever Unique

Hat: Jennifer Wrynne

Bag: Glitzi and bitz

Heels: Asos, Similar here

Necklace: (gift)


Thanks for stopping by,

Keep smiling,

Jo @seasonsinheels x

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